The 14 players who had a licence to fly


WITH the retirement of Andrew Walker this week – and the ongoing debate about whether his mark was better than Andrew Krakouer’s (it was) – it got us thinking about the frequent flyers.

You know, the guys who didn’t just do it once, but could do it week in, week out.

This is the list we came up with. Tell us why we’re wrong and who we forgot in the comments, on Twitter (@TheHickeyStand) or on Facebook (


For a man with a torso that would require 10 strong men and a couple of workhorses to lift, Ablett’s ability to launch himself over the pack is almost inconceivable.

Video: The mark of the century (or was it?)


When Jeremy Howe retires he’ll be remembered for one thing: the ability to take a screamer every few weeks…and hopefully for switching to Collingwood from Melbourne seconds before the Demons had a sustained period of success and the Pies had a sustained period or ordinariness.

Video: Jeremy Howe’s best marks


They didn’t call him “Birdman” because he fed his young by regurgitating food into their mouths. Or maybe he did. But that’s his business.

Video: The Birdman at his best


When my knees hurt I tend to limit my urge to leap to the ground from 2 metres high. Modra didn’t. His three Mark of the Year wins came at a cost, with knee injuries keeping him out of the 1997 and 1998 Crows premierships, and forcing him to retire in 2001.

Video: Modra’s Mark of the Year, 1993


One for the rabid SANFL fans who complain about things like me saying “Craig Bradley was a one club player”. McKay played 164 games for North Adelaide from 1946 to 1955, and took so many screamers from full-back that you can find several pictures of him defying gravity – despite the crude photography technology of the time.


We’ll leave this one to Coleman’s former teammate, Geoff Leek: “One day at Essendon I went for a mark but ended up a launching pad for Coleman. His feet just touched my shoulders and he took a mark with his boots above my head. Coleman did not climb up packs. He got to those amazing heights with a spring. I am nearly 6ft 5in and Coleman jumped over my head, not once, but often.”


Dead set, if I was wearing shorts that tight I wouldn’t be able to walk let alone sprint and jump. AND I wouldn’t be allowed outside.

Video: Capper uses everyone’s favourite stepladder, Mick Martyn, to take a screamer


In St Kilda’s darkest times, Trevor Barker was one of few shining lights with his exceptional skill and high-flying antics. Thankfully for Saints fans it’s been nothing but success and happiness since those gloomy days.

Video: The Golden Boy climbs the pack



Before he was a terribly average coach, Peter Knights could play a bit. His abilities at either end of the ground were surpassed only by his ability in the air. His blond moustache was a blight on the game though.

Video: Knights of the bound table


While the mark on the right won Mark of the Year in 2003, the arguably much better grab on the left in 2001 didn’t win because a little bloke called Moorcroft touched the Docklands stadium roof. We’d like to make a special mention of Clint Bizzell for his 2001 screamer, too, because everyone forgets about it and we like Clint.

Video: Tarrant flies, just not as high as Moorcroft


The late 1990s and early 2000s were all about the little guy flying. Moorcroft. Jeff Farmer. Ashley Sampi. But no little guy was more consistent at it than Robbo.

Video: Some Robbo-like pixels taking marks


This list was the 13 players who had a licence to fly. Then we forgot Nic Nat. How could we forget Nic Nat?

Video: Naitanui snags the 2015 Mark of the Year


Not much of a footballer. Could jump a bit though.

Video: Aaron Edwards does something


He took more than just this one. But this…this is perfect.

Video: You beauty

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